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What People Have Said About JCE and its riders

Caroline from NSW (JCE Performing at Seaworld) :-
"We recently brought our two young children to Sea World while up there on holidays. Unfortunately it rained every day and two young kids in a motel room in the rain is not good. However, we came to Sea World anyway. After we got there nearly everything was closed except the Jet Skis. Tears turned to big smiles. I just wanted to let you know (or if you could pass this on to the Jet Ski boys) that this made our holiday. The show was so good we came back the next day. The rain didn't seem to matter anymore. Our kids met the boys and that's all they can talk about even after our return to Wollongong. The boys were so amazing with them, they now "want to be a jet ski rider when they grow up". The photos have been organised for "show and tell" at school next week. Thanks once again you have brought the fun back into the park and helped to stop our holiday being a disaster. We plan on coming again next year"

Peter from QLD (JCE Performing at Seaworld) :-
"Hi there Sea World team, I wanted to send you guys a letter because I think it’s important that you know how amazing your team is! We've just made the move to the Gold Coast recently, got a great spot here on Sovereign Island and the kids (aged 6 and 8) are absolutely loving it being such watersports freaks! I took the kids to our first trip back to Sea World after not visiting it for some years and I have to say the entire park team always continue to be so friendly and helpful, always with a smile!! But I have to say when we got home I asked the kids, "What was the coolest part of today?" and they screamed "JET STUNT EXTREEEEEEME!!" I have to agree the most exciting end to the day was definitely the Jet Stunt Extreme Show and we were blown away!! I travel a lot for business and been all over the world with a passion for theme parks in my spare time and seen many jet ski shows, USA, Japan, Europe and I have to say what your guys are doing is nothing like what the rest of the world is displaying! Your team is leading the art of Jet Stunt shows for sure! They’re on a whole level of their own! Not only the tricks but the choreography of how it builds and crescendos it is certainly very well scripted and performed flawlessly. The tricks they're doing on those skis are amazing and the height they get on the boat waves is massive!! All you need to do is sit in the crowd and listen to the gasps and cheers that I heard to know I aint on my own about this! So congratulations Sea World for making such a great decision to bring these guys out to show their art! Highlight of the day!! Almost worth the entire entry fee alone :-o ! Keep up the amazing stunts guys! BTW, what’s with the "thrill-o-meter" on your web site classing the Jet Stunt Extreme as "moderate"!!? C’mon guys this was nothing short of !!EXTREME!! Thanks again!"